Saturday, September 18, 2004

Shamae is Rude

but she is wearing so she is hott....yummy... a certain asain who shall remain nameless wishes to be mentioned here but i wont allow it. since we all know who she is we just wont say her name.

What is the Spin Cycle?

The term life is like a box of chocolates(yes i know i cant spell) never quite did it for me. one i hate see's candy, and two life is far to dynamic for any such kind of aphorism...well we are going to go frolick, and maby go crash homecoming so WATCH OUT HOFF!!!!!:)

My unvirgining post

I am a mildly retarted typer who cant spell. fatty fat fat. lol. ok seriously. I am a Person Driven in the general direction of perfection, but i usualy get lost on the way. but i truly believe that it is not actualy becoming perfect, but our desperate and pathetic attempts and attaining it, that win the heart of god and matter most to him. When i am dead and can sit with Him and talk about all the dumb things i did trying to become better, and actualy be able to laugh at them rather then cringe in shame, i will know that i am truly in heaven. this concludes my post