Saturday, April 23, 2005

Beauty and the Beast... im excited.


this is an official call for unity. no longer will our department be divided into cliques. no longer will there be judgments on a persons TRUE character based on their ablility or lack there of, to PORTRAY a character. the one thing that destroyed this department were the tiny little groups that refused to make room for others. and it started with presidency. we all had our friends and the people we didnt like. we all had our petty differences. and we let them get the better of us. but no more. i say its time to rise up! we need a president who is willing to rais the banner of unity once again. a president who can forge us together in to one group! ive spoken of this before, you all know who i am talking about so we dont even need to state names. but this person has all the necessary skills bring next year into effect. lets put them in office without delay! and lets send the losing shmuck packing. not any of this namby pamby "you lost, but you can still be props or costumes and when i sabbatoge THIS presidency ill wrongly promote you any ways!" when they lose, ITS F-ING OVER! let them pout, but dont PUT THEM ON PRESIDENCY YOU STUPID STUPID STUPID MAN!!! vote for unity.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

i dont want to sound like im over reacting....

im sick and friggin tired of CRIAMN!!!!!!!!!!! that man will be the death of us all!!! HE IS PUBERTY INCARNATE!!! and he is sabotaging our drama program for his own selfish ends!!! he is going to harvest our organs and sell them on ebay!!!!! and then he is going to do Little Mary Sunshine 2: yellow feather's revenge!!!!!!!!! we must strike back!!! if we all unite, we can strike down this eternal force of continuing choices for abd shows. and we will never have to see me as a mammoth again! we need a strong thespian president. one that will be there the whole year. one that grab Criman by the short and curlies and make him see sence. that he HAS to pick better shows or his department, and his JOB are doomed!!! DOOMED!!!!

PUBERTY; public enemy number one

this is highschool? this is the reason i drag my self out of bed every morning?what happened to "just being friends" or "cant we all just get along". WHERE DID WE GO WRONG? i know! PUBERTY! there we were all happy and playing tag and sitting in the sand box, and then PUBERTY hits us like a ton of bricks. no wonder we all hate eachother and there is so much drama. it a miracle we can even see straight with the sea of raging hormones inside our blood stream.
and yet there is hope. there are those among us, those brave few , who have faced the brutal truth; who understand their own lack of self control, and instead of letting it control them, they embrace it, and control it. case and point:
Young Miss Hoffman, who, even in her calmer moments, is described as "extremly loud". and yet, we can glean some pearls of wisdom from her. understanding the dire state in which the department is in ,and also understanding that back biting and hatred are deeply rooted evils in human nature, has decided that rather than wisper behind the back of someone, she will insult them bravly, boldly to their face. i commmend you for your vision and depth of understanding.
now, for an example of those who allow this terrible enemy to control them. Bench and Becca. the definition of a walking hormone. PUBERTY dosnt even begin to cut it when describing this dynamic duo. such passion, such youth. such complete lack of self control.
BUT we can find in them some beaut none the less. though it was PUBERTY, not love that drove them into eachothers arms, once there, they discovered somthing remarkable. beyond the dizzing haze of endorphens and testosterone, they actualy found a TRUER, DEEPER sensation. and this relationship, built upon the rock of sin and transgression, has flowered into a perfect state of duality. to know what a kind and noble man bench is, one need only observe him in his courship of becca. and visa versa and all that jazz.
SO IT ALL GOES TO SHOW THAT WE CAN RISE UP!!!!! we can over come this vile plague that has infested man kind since Eden. for what is the knowledge of good and evil, if not PUBERTY itself.