Saturday, February 25, 2006

Seniors only(because,as you know, we are the only real people)

okay... details on our summer plans:
so my travel agent(or more accuratly stated, my parents travel agent) can get us plain tickets to New York, a 2-way flight for 10 days at about $250 each. thats like... crazy cheap and it looks like the price will stay low for about a month. now i know many of you didnt want to go to new york, and we dont have to, its just an option. a freaking sweet option with SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much theatre in it... lol
now we also discussed the possibility of going west, which would also be oober awsome. and i would most likely have a car that can fit... what?? 7 people in it. so there's that as well.
i know, a totally stupid blog, but iwanted to blog and had nothing to talk about.
oh yeah, chris and sousa, we are on for spring break and i am TOTALLY IN!!! WWWWOOOO! because my parents will be gone.... hehehe. so lets do it. and as far as the camping trips, i have maps oif possibilities in utah and one in new mexico. we will discuss it later.


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